Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lynsey & Matthew ~ Engaged!

Pasadena, California

Art and I met with Lynsey and Matthew at the Pasadena City Hall for their engagement session. I love doing session late in the afternoon because the light is oh so yummy! Lynsey and Matthew know exactly what I mean because they were the ones who offered to have their e-session late in the afternoon to have fantastic and warm-a-licious light.

We had a great day exploring Pasadena. As an added bonus we got some awesome shots :P

Here are a few of or favorites:

My favorite!

It's also Art's favorite, but in black & white.

This is another favorite!

While I had Art go up a few flights of stairs (please do not pay any attention to the "do not enter" barrier tape)...

I enjoyed a nice nap on the job :P

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moderntype said...

I love Pasadena! You did a fabulous job finding little nooks to capture them!

gee gee said...

Great looking couple+good light+amazing photographer= Amazing photos!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

naty get'n down and dirty!!! get some! love the street and stairs!!!

daisy d said...

Nat the reason I was attracted to your work are the beautiful colors your pics have. I am always amazed by the pictures you take. I made the right choice :-]

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