Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Amy & Hanssel ~ Married!

Mayan Palace
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Amy and Hanssel...where do I begin?

Amy and Hanssel hired me over a year ago for their destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta. From the minute I met with Amy and she showed me her folder full of images of her venue and other wedding related info I knew two things:

1. Amy and Hanssel were going to have an amazing wedding;
2. Amy is super organized :)

I was right about both things!

Over the last year I got to know Amy and Hanssel through meetings, e-mails and their engagement session. Their love for one another is evident in the way they speak to each other, the way they look at one another, and the stories they tell about the beginning of their relationship. It was easy to portray their love in images because it just shows, there is no need for anything but the two of them.

I have to give a big thanks to Amy and Hanssel for trusting Art and me to document their love. They had trust in our talent even though we had never done a destination wedding. Even when I told Amy I had never done a destination wedding they still opted to go with us. That means a lot to me because it shows they value our work and dedication. For that they hold a special place in my heart :) I know I might sound cheesy and mushy, but I don't care! :P I am not really the type of person to not say what I feel, especially when it's appreciation.

Thank you so much for your faith in us and our work, Amy and Hanssel.

Amy and Hanssel, a big thanks to your family for being welcoming. It's no wonder you two are such great people when you come from a wonderful family like that!

Here are some of our favorite images from Amy and Hanssel's wedding:

Can she multi-task or what? :)

Any had a message board going around where people could write messages. When it was Amy and Hanssel's turn Hanssel did not see what Amy wrote. You can see his reaction to what Amy wrote in the 2nd image :P

Time to PARTY!

This has to be the post with most images blogged!!! I hope you enjoyed them! :)

A big thanks to Rudy for coming along to shoot! He rocks!
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melissa McClure said...

Oh wow that looks like a rad party! The images are gorgeous!

Marlin Munoz said...

Amazing images! You both did an outstanding job!

Anonymous said...

Love em they are just beautiful.
How I wish I could be on that beach right now.

amy said...

Nat- Thank you so much for those words! Honestly, you and Art have such an amazing talent and I am so grateful to you both for accepting to do our wedding. We definitely lucked out when I found your website!

The images you have captured are amazing. The day went by so fast that these pictures are what I was depending on to make the memories last throughout the years. So I need to thank you once more for capturing such amazing, beautiful and fun moments.


Dawn Malone said...

Way to go you guys! These all rock!

gee gee said...

Stunning! I cant think of a better word for it! I love the bouquet and shoes shot. The dancing shot looks like it should be in a magazine or out of a scene from a romantic movie. The first kiss series is so crisp and clean looking. The party shots are really cool, you can tell they were really partying! I could really go on and on! Breath taking images definitely!

Kari said...

What a beautiful wedding and a beautiful location! You did a wonderful job Nataly!

david & kimi baxter said...

holy smokes nataly & art!!!! wow you guys just continue to kick @$$!!! love love love the b&w dance shots!!!

rowena said...

UBER beautiful! Fabulous job as usual!

Anne K. in L.A. said...

I'm sure it wasn't that big a leap of faith for Amy and Hanssel to hire you for a destination wedding. Your work is amazing. Where were you last year when I got married?!!

Rodolfo Arpia said...

Hehehe, that's how I'm dressing for wedding from now on !!!

Thanks for having me, I had a blast!

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