Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5.4 Earthquake

A couple of hours ago we had a 5.4 earthquake here in California that felt like it lasted forever! I was totally freaked out! Art was calm and collected, though. That helped calm me down. It's been a while since I felt an earthquake. I am usually the one that walks around asking, "what happened?" Not today! I felt it!

I kept trying to call my dad to find out if they were okay and the calls would not go through. It took a while for the call to go through. Thankfully everyone is okay, just some rattled nerves.

Now, on to your regular scheduled program. That's the thing with us Cali people, we move on quick. I guess it's because we are somewhat used to it. I'm sure that if would have been stronger, though, I would not be so calm!

I hope everyone is okay and not too shaken up.
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jennifer said...

glad there wasn't damage and everyone is ok. just the slightest earthquake rattle is scary!

david & kimi baxter said...

so happy everyone out here was ok!!

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