Tuesday, June 24, 2008

J'aime & Chris ~ Married

Valencia, California
Hyatt - Valencia

Calm. Patient. Serene. All these words describe J'aime. As she was getting ready she chit chatted with her bridesmaids, checked her makeup, helped her bridesmaids with their dresses. It seemed like it was any ol' day, except for the fact that J'aime was wearing a gorgeous gown and looked absolutely stunning!

Chris and J'aime's ceremony was so touching. I'll tell you guys a little secret, Chris got chocked up...just a bit...okay, okay, he got choked up big time! It was really sweet to see a guy that is not shy to show his emotions. J'aime and Chris are awesome together and really compliment each other.

J'aime and Chris may be awesome, but their family and friends are not far behind! As soon as we met the bridal party we knew to expect a real par-tay! We were right! Jaime and Chris' entrance was unique, their toasts were touching, yet funny, the dance floor was rockin', and everyone was having fun! One of our favorite things from their wedding was that basketball and the Lakers were a big part of the wedding! You'll see what I mean when you see the photos ;)

J'aime & Chris: Art and I loved getting to know you when we photographed your engagement session, but photographing your wedding was a true honor and we ABSOLUTELY enjoyed every minute of it!

J'aime's Mom: Thank you for the compliment on my work! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as you enjoyed their e-session! :) I made an extra long post especially for you.

I could not decide between the following two so I blogged both ;)

Art caught this quick moment as I was running to catch them walking down the aisle. Can you tell Chris was happy?

This one is specially for Chris. We know he loves his J's!

The Father-Daughter dance is always one of my favorite moments to photograph. It was such a special moment for me in my wedding so it's nice to see it's just as special for others :) This photo is really sweet, if you ask me! You can tell that to J'aime's dad she is still his little girl :)

J'aime and Chris, thanks for allowing us to photograph your wedding!

Here is a photo of Art, it looks more like "Where's Waldo?" :P This was definitely the wedding with the most guest with nice SLR's...

...but our biggest competition was J'aime's dad! He has style!

I am sorry for the long wait for this post, but I have been sick, dehydrated and simply out of it! Now poor Art is not feeling well :( I have a lot of posts coming up including a few weddings!
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Melissa McClure Photography said...

So fun! What a great wedding. And that jumping shot Art caught -so awesome! You two rock!

Kim & Joey said...

Gorgeous work as always! I love the father-daughter photo. That was my favorite.

Sorry you and Art are not feeling so great. Hope you feel better soon.


Jackie said...

i absolutely love the flare! great job you two!

Katy Regnier said...

Wow, your detail shots are always great but you really outdid yourself on this set, they're stunning. And not a bad lookin' couple either :) Fabulous job you two!!

AHS Photography said...

Wow, the lighting in these is killer! Awesomeness!

Dawn Malone said...

Sweet shots Nat! I love them all!

Daisy D said...

Beautiful pics! I love the all of them! Great details, beautiful pics of the two of them. I got some good ideas from this wed.

david & kimi baxter said...

you rocked the jump shot!!!! awesome my friend!!!

lovemyboobear said...

Wow Nataly...I love the photos. They are so beautiful. You and Art are truly so talented at what you do and I appreciate all of the effort you put into our big day. I can't wait to show my family and friends our photos. Much love to you two.


Grandma Debi said...

Wow! Such captivating photos! I treasure each one! The content, colors, tones and "statements" are unbelievable! Thanks Nataly!!!

Debi MOTB (mother of the bride!)

rowena said...

Man, you and Art are totally rockin'! Your doing such a fabulous job, keep up the good work! Did I tell you that my hubby began 2nd shooting with me? hahaha. We'll see how long that lasts.

Gee gee said...

Beautiful pics Nat! Like always! Cute couple :-) I like the groomsmen shoes, good pick!

Steph said...

HA! Such an interesting wedding to wear sneakers at a wedding :) Love it!

Love the shot you did with the bride putting on make up, it has an interesting mood to it.

You're right! The bride looked stunning and so full of life :)

Lovin' the happy shot of Chris jumping in mid-air. You don't see those shots too often.

jcob2a.jpg <- great job on the bright light in the background. The image overall just shows them loving each other, perfect!

jcob12.jpg <- lovin' the warm tone here!

The photo of the bride and her Dad got me choked up a bit, it's just PERFECT.

Nice stuff Nat!

Lisa said...

Beautiful as always! New photos on your blog always make my day.

I hope you and Art feel better soon! Take care and don't work too hard! :)

Rafael Alcala said...

Awesome work!! As always your images are so beautiful and crisp!!

gisela Prishker said...

Very nice work Chica, nice images frersh and clean , me gustaria k tu blog tuviera el color verde o turquesa de tus frames se veria wowwwwww no crees just a thought

Christine Farah Photography said...

Great photos Nataly! I cannot believe how many people were there with their cameras?! The detail shots were ROCKIN'!!

jennifer said...

beautiful images... love all the color!

Jovana said...

I love your work... I visit your blog often, but have never commented until now. Great shots and beautiful couple! The Hyatt in Valencia is a beautiful place. I work right across the street! =)

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