Sunday, June 15, 2008

Feliz Dia Del Padre, Papi!

Every day I thank the Lord for blessing me with an exceptional Father. No matter how hard I try to repay my Dad for everything he has done, I feel like it will never be enough. When my Mom passed away my Dad was left to raise a 12 year old and a 2 year old all on his own. A pre-teen and a baby...WOW! I can only imagine how tough it was, but he never gave up, never complained, never left us alone. He has always been there to give us love, talk to us about our Mom, discipline us, stand up for us, protect us, give us advice, pick us up when we are down...he has been there for everything. Through the good times, bad times, happy times, sad times, out of control times, he has been there.

There were so many things I did not understand when I was a child (like getting punished for getting detention), but now I do and I am extremely grateful for the involved and caring father my Dad has always been.

I come from a humble home where there were not many luxuries, but there was an abundance of love. Thanks to my Father I've never had to wish for anything because all that was necessary was given to me. My Dad is my guide and because of him I am who I am. I am not scared to speak my mind and I am not afraid to be who I am. Because of my Dad I know how to value all the special people in my life and not minimize anyone else. My Dad has taught to be open and to never be afraid to try new and, sometimes, scary things.

My Dad is seriously who I look to for advice, for comfort, for reassurance. Every day I call him just to say hi and chit chat. I know that whenever I have great news he is there to celebrate with me and when something is bringing me down he is there to lift me up and say everything will be okay. That's why he is my hero, my confidant, my protector, my teacher, my inspiration, my strength, my rock and my guide.

The other day something really frightening happened to Art and me on the freeway. I called my Dad in a panic and he soothed me with calming words. The next day I called him to say hi and he sounded really tired. I asked what was wrong and he said he barely slept worrying about us and about us getting home safe. Only a Dad could worry that much. Although I am already a grown woman who is married, I think to my Dad I will always be his little girl. Although today as we were walking to the store he put his arm over my shoulders. All of a sudden he says, "you know, you're not that little anymore..." I think he might have meant my height :P

Thank you, Daddy, for being you and always giving us more love than anyone can imagine. I am so proud to call you my Father. I love you!



Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there!!!
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gee gee said...

Beautiful words! Your dad sounds like an honorable man with a big heart =) I love your baby pic you can tell your dad is proud of you!

Daisy said...

I love personal posts Nat! It's really nice to read about things other than photography. Don't get me wrong! I love coming here and seeing all the pictures but it's also nice to get to know you on a more personal note. Kudos to you and your dad for the strong relationship you have!

Jeanette Sanchez said...

Adorable photos, he sounds like a good man.

Marie (Kyle) said...

Nataly that first pic is pure cuteness!! You were such a cute baby!

AHS Photography said...

Dad's are the best! :)

david & kimi baxter said...

how cute is that old photo!!!! you look fab in the now photo nataly!!! hope your papi had an awesome day!!

jennifer said...

what a good dad! love your baby photo... too cute!!

Marlin Munoz said...

Aww happy belated fathers day to your dad!! He is such a great dad and he really raised an awesome daughter! Very nice tribute!

Amy C. said...

So sweet! What would we girls do without our daddies? (no matter how grown up we are!)

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