Friday, May 30, 2008

Mandy & Joe ~ Married!


Last Saturday Art and I drove to Orange County for Mandy & Joe's wedding. When we arrived to Kindred Community Church we were greeted by rain. I found Mandy a bit nervous, but calm nonetheless. She had her girls with her who helped make everything run smoothly, so it was all good :)

The site coordinator kept coming to the bride's room to let us know how the weather was holding up and for a moment she thought they would have to delay the ceremony, but, thankfully, it was not necessary! Although it was still sprinkling when the ceremony started, when the time for Mandy and Joe's vows came, the sun shined through. I think that the sun wanted to celebrate, too! :) Although threatening cloudS still lingered, we had no more rain for the rest of the day!

I was honored to photograph Mandy and Joe's wedding. Art and I did two engagement sessions for them. During the last engagement session Mandy was telling me about their plans for the wedding and how proud they were of each other for doing this on their own. Everything she was saying was so genuine and heartfelt. At that moment I knew just how special these two are. Not only are they awesome individuals, but they are extraordinary together.

Mandy & Joe: You guys already know that we think you are great! Thank you for allowing us to photograph your wedding. You guys are the best!

The girls wanted to have some fun with the parasols! I love it!

Of course the guys wanted in on the fun :P

Art's version of the cake

I'll end this entry with my most favorite photo of a guest at the wedding!

Oh, yes, yes, here are some photos of Art and me hard at work :)

I was too chicken to go all the way down there so Art went instead :)

I think this is the blog entry with the most images! Enjoy!

P.S. I know a few of Mandy & Joe's family and friends read my blog because they told me so, so please feel free to leave a comment ;)
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melissa mcclure said...

Your details rock (as always!) and I love the walking back down the aisle shot! Nice work!

Kim & Joey said...

You and Art are pure magic! Stunning photos as always!

Mandy said...


Nataly! You've outdone yourself. You and Art did a magnificent job. I am so pleased with these images! I know our friends and family are going to just adore them as much as we do. Thank you for being our photographer and really coming through with a high quality of work.


gee gee said...

OMG Nat! These are insanely great! You captured the details beautifully and the pic of the veil over them!!!! BEAUTIFUL!

Lisa said...

These pictures took my breath away! I especially love the veil shot! Wow!!

daisy said...

That last one made me seriously lol! I hope you and Art know that yall are the bomb! The pictures are breathtaking!

wrecklessgirl said...

i have to say the warm veil/profile kiss is just stunning!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys were incredible and the photos turned out incredible...thank you!

Melissa M. Vicente said...

Beautiful work, love the umbrella shots! Congrats Mandy & Joe!

Gaby said...

Those are beautiful pictures, I like the one where they are all on the bridge :)

AHS Photography said...

Beautiful work! Love the umbrella shots!

Steph said...

WOW! You did such a nice job! I love the close-up of Mandy, but I wish she was smiling, the pic seems like she's sad :P Still, she looks beautiful.

I love the "to have and to hold" image, cutee!

The two fun images of the girls and then the guys are cuteee!

Awesome job on everybody on the bridge.

And of course the veil one takes my breath away!

The red roses with the vase of limes, wowww - nice! Beautiful colors all in one image!

You just did a really great job, Nataly!

david & kimi baxter said...

beautiful couple! love the parasols, especially the guys using them as weapons :)

Jeanette Sanchez said...

Look at Art, gettin' the job done! Beautiful details and I love your colors as always.

Dawn Malone said...

I agree with the rest love the umbrella shots! Looks like a great day!

jo barber said...

Wow! I am definately leaving some blog-love! haha - these pictures are absolutely STUNNING! The lighting, the composition of the shots... oh my goodness! beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

katy said...

Gorgeous details, fabulous job!

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