Friday, May 2, 2008

Gaby & Jason ~ Engaged!

Malibu, California

Let me start off by saying a BIG thank you to Gaby & Jason! THANK YOU!

We had to go through a few obstacles to do their engagement session, but once we were finally able to start snapping shots it was soooooo worth it! I had so much fun with them! Right before leaving the beach I asked them if they would mind riding to a spot I had seen when we were in traffic. They were definitely up for it! Although, for a minute there, they thought I imagined the place! When we finally found the place we noticed it was a patio furniture store so we used that to our advantage. We even walked around and got some images inside the store. It's funny how one thing can lead to another!

Here are some of my faves. I will post a few more soon :)

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Lisa said...

Cute pictures Nataly! I especially love how the couple stands out against the beautiful green background! :)

Beadale Photography said...

Nataly these are gorgeous! I love the black and white shots, but the one with the driftwood is stunning. Love the red background too!

david & kimi baxter said...

mmmm....tasty images nat!!!! love your color and absolutely LOVE that street kissing shot!! have an awesome weeekend guys!!

Gaby said...

Thanks Nataly, you and Art were great!

gee gee said...

The pic where they are running looks so fun! I like the last one too! They are all cool.

Jeret Slack said...

I love how your photos are so colorful and sharp. You have done it again!

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