Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Engagement Session Locations

I‘m often asked if I recommend any specific location(s) for engagement sessions. The truth is, I don’t have one special spot I recommend. Of course there are many lovely places to photograph at that I love, but I, personally, think that it’s even more special when it’s a location that has a special meaning to both of you. Maybe where you first met? Or how about where you went to on your first date? Or maybe where he proposed? I am not saying that every single couple has to have a special spot, but if you do then I would suggest you have your e-session there.

For all those who want a list of locations for an engagement session in Los Angeles or Orange County, here are some of the places I’ve shot at or would like to shoot at:

Angels Stadium
City Walk (Universal City Walk Hollywood)
Dodgers Stadium
Downtown Disney
Downtown Fullerton
Downtown Los Angeles
Griffith Observatory
Griffith Park – Travel Town
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Laguna Beach
Long Beach
Los Angeles Union Station
Miniature golfing (there are many locations all over Southern California)
Old Town Pasadena
Olvera Street
Rodeo Drive
Santa Monica Beach
The Getty Museum
The Grove - Los Angeles
The Mission Inn (If you are having your wedding here they allow you to use the premises for an e-session)
The Queen Mary
UCLA Campus
USC Campus
(YOUR school campus)
Venice Beach
Walt Disney Concert Hall

These are only a few locations! I am open to any ideas that you may have. The more unique, the better! I like the whole beach engagement session, but there are times when I would rather break away from that and try something crazy and unique. So if you are planning to have an e-session, by all means, surprise me with the location you choose! ;)

I hope this post is helpful for anyone trying to find a location for their e-session. If there are any other locations you think I should add to the list, let me know!
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Jeanette Sanchez said...

These locations rock, how about Santa Monica pier?

Hope said...

Hi Nataly - I just wanted to say that I look forward to checking out your blog on a weekly basis and you never cease to disappoint me. I'm glad you noted some e-session places as we're deciding on whether we'd like one or not in the years to come. I'm excited you mentioned Disney since we spend all our time there and that's where we got engaged last Nov. So thanks for the list. Since you mentioned the Grove, you could also add the new Americana.

Leila said...

Thanks for the list! You're great!

Mandy said...

In the OC, there is the Huntington Beach Library Gardens.

Amazing architecture and gardens in general. You gotta check it out! =D

Beadale Photography said...

Hey Sweet Girl. This is a wonderful idea. I get the same questions too. I hope you have a safe and Happy memorial day weekend.


david & kimi baxter said...

have an awesome and blessed holiday weekend my friend!! hopefully our sites will come back. grrrr...

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