Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vegas, baby!

Like I told you guys, Art and I are at Las Vegas for WPPI. We almost cancelled our trip due to my fracture, but I am glad we did not because there is so much to learn here. Not only that, but I got to see many of my friends and I have made some new ones as well :) There are still many photographers I want to run into, but it's kind of hard since there are literally thousands of photographers all over the Las Vegas strip. It also sucks that I can't walk for too long before I have to go back to the hotel and rest, but at least we're here! :)

I promise to post a few shots from last night's Lovecat Photographer's Party when I get back home. I will also be going to another party tonight and I'll post some photos of that! Photographers sure know how to party, don't you agree?!

Here are just a few images we got the last couple of days.

New York, New York in Vegas

Art got a shot of me before we left to last night's party

Here's a shot I got of him at the Orleans Casino

This is what Art calls my "game face." I am just concentrating!

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Mandy said...

Aww, it seems like you two are still having a good time.

At least your photos are turning out awesome!

Stay rested and enjoy your stay. I'm glad that you decided to go!

stephanie said...

Dude your "game face" made Ron and I crack up! It's such a Nataly face. Have fun!

Dawn Malone said...

I looked all over for your wheelchair or crutches. I was only there for a short time. Can't wait to see more from all the parties. You and Art look great in the pictures. Hope you have a speedy recovery! :)

kat said...

oh how fun!! you know how I love vegas :)

Jason Lanier said...

I love the last shot. Wasn't WPPI great? I really enjoyed it.

Nataly Lemus said...

Dawn, I did not have crutches or wheelchair, but I was sporting a cool limp :P

I'm sorry I missed you while you were there :(

Nataly Lemus said...

Step: What are you talkin' about? That's my regular, every day face! Punks!

Beadale Photography said...

These are beautiful shots, Nat! Love the 1st one. Very pretty!

david & kimi baxter said...

now those are some great lookin portraits of you two! hhhhot!

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