Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

There is a game of tag going around. This time I was tagged by Katy Regnier. So here it goes!

  • What was I doing 10 years ago?
    I was in jr., time sure does fly! My biggest worry back then was how to get that class clown, Art, to like me! lol
    This is me 10 years ago! Nice pose and background, don't you agree? lol

  • Things on my to-do list:
    - Go to my Dad's house, shoot an e-session and last, but not least, spend quality time with my hubby :)
    This month- 2 weddings and WPPI! (If any of my photographer buddies wants to meet up, give me a holla'!)
    This year- Spend more time with my family and less time in front of the computer! I will also be photographing some amazing weddings :)
  • Bad habits:
    - Singing while editing (It's nothing nice to hear!)
    - Eating late at night while editing (Hmmm, all my bad habits are during editing...weird!)
    - Leaving the tv on all night (I am always too lazy to put it on sleep timer and most of the time I am convinced that I am not THAT sleepy!)
    - Overusing exclamation marks! (You see!)
    - Overusing smiley faces on e-mail, blogs and posts :)
  • Places I have lived:
    Los Angeles, CA (Yes, that's it!)
  • Things most people don’t know about me:
    I love to dance. Art and I have been together since we were 14 years old! I am not shy to show my emotions.

Who do I tag? Hmmmm...If you've already been tagged, sorry!

Dawn Malone

Marlin Munoz

Jeanette Sanchez

Rudy Arpia

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Jason Lanier said...

It's great to see the picture and to learn more about you! I'll also be at WPPI and would love to hook up to say hello. Let me know!

lroah said...

Love the old photo - much nicer than any I have!!! I will be at WPPI also - let's try to meet up!

david & kimi baxter said...

what an absolutely beautiful photo! still just as beautiful today nataly. hope to see you and art in vegas!!

Dawn Malone said...

Awe... look how young you are!
Got your may be a few I need to search for some old photos. :) Hope to see you at WPPI, I will be there on Monday only.

gee gee said...

Did you really have to try with Art? I love that pic of you! You look beautiful!! I also use too many !!!

Marie (Don) said...

Nat I love this kind of post because it allows us to get to know you better! Keep them coming!

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