Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm so happy!

Today was definitely a good day! My cousin, Jennifer, had been in the hospital for 10 days! It was very difficult to see her there because she is always the life of the party. To see her just laying there in so much pain made me feel hopeless because I could not do anything to help ease her pain. I did try and be there as much as possible. The whole family was there by her side as much as possible. When something like that happens it puts things in perspective. I have a close family who is always there through difficult times. I am grateful that God blessed me with such a loving family.

Jennifer, I know that even with all your pain you visit my blog! *She called and asked why had I not posted about her* I am so happy you are out the hospital! I love you so much and it was so hard to see you in there. I am just glad you are out, little topogigio!

I look more sick than her! I was so happy to take her back home!

Also, my cousin and her fiance have requested that I post this photo in which Ron and I are doing the William Hung pose. Nobody wanted to pose with Ron so of course I offered to do it! lol Are you guys happy?

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Mandy said...

Aww, I'm sorry to hear that your cousin was in the hospital.

But I'm so glad she's out and doing better. :)

William Hung!!! <3

david & kimi baxter said...

thank goodness she's out and okay now!

gee gee said...

I am glad your cousin is out of the hospital :) I know first hand how difficult it is when you have a family member in there. Get well Nataly's cousin :)

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