Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rebecca & Jason ~ Married!


Rebecca and Jason had a beautiful afternoon wedding. As the night rolled in so did their guests. By the time the ceremony was about to start, the venue was overflowing with bubbly family and friends.

Here are a few of my favorite. I will post a few more during the week.

Rebecca and her Mother-in-Law made the centerpieces so I made sure to get a lot of photos for them.

Rebecca's son giving mommy a kiss after walking with her down the aisle.

Rebecca could not help, but get teary eyed during their vows.

What do the boys do while the grown-ups dance? They go to the bar and watch the game, of course!

The first dance.

Mother and Son dance

A big thanks to Marlin Munoz who recommended me to Rebecca and Jason!
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gee gee said...

Nat you always know when to catch the right moment. The pic of the little boys are cute so is the one of the first dance. Also the one of them hugging in front of the window! They are all great!

AHS Photography said...

Great job Nataly! I love the centerpieces!

Marion said...

Nataly the picture outside the window is beautiful. It reminds me of a bride magazine ad.

david & kimi baxter said...

LOVE the b&w out the window!

katy said...

That cake topper is hilarious :) Great job Nataly, hope you're feeling better!

Stacy Cross said...

LOVE the bouquet toss pics! :)

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