Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New year!

I never thought this year could be better than last year, but I have been very blessed. Every time I photograph a wedding, I can't help but think how unbelievably lucky I am to be able to do what I love and call it work :)

I want to thank all my clients for making this year the success it was. I have been blessed with some of the most amazing couples EVER this year! Many of whom have become more than clients and I happily call them friends now.

I have to thank my family for being my #1 fans :) There is no better feeling that having my family to support me 100%. When I first decided to venture into the photography business many people sort of laughed it off. Someone even told me that it was "cute" that I wanted to do the photography "thing," but was going to be my "real" job! Hello! This is a real job. In fact, I think it's the best job ever! Thankfully everyone who matters has been there to support me, to encourage me, to cheer me on. So a big thanks to my familia for loving me and my career choice :)

A big thank you is also due to my blog readers. I love comments and it means a lot to me to log in to my blog and find your comments! So thank you for making my day every day!

I hope everyone has an awesome new year. Try and take this day to think about all the good stuff 2008 brought you. I know I will!

Happy New Year!
Feliz Año Nuevo!
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Heather & Micah ~ Engaged!

Griffith Park Observatory - Los Angeles

This is my last photo blog entry of the year! Don't worry, though! I have tons of blogging to do next year :)

Here are some of my favorite images from Heather and Micah's e-session:

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today's family session - sneak peek

I can't wait to show you more images, but it will not be until NEXT YEAR! Sounds like it's so far away!

Keep checking the blog because I have a lot of blog entries coming up!
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Need a laugh?

Go see George Lopez!

Art and I just got home from the Nokia Center. We went to see George Lopez' comedy act. That is one funny man! I swear, I laughed the whole time he was on stage. Art and I really needed a Saturday off to relax, have a good time and JUST laugh.

We got to seat in the 4th row. All I have to say is WOW!!! Those were some awesome seats! Too bad that we were not allowed to take our cameras in or else I would have posted some images!

Man, oh man! We had an awesome night :) Laughter really does heal the soul. Plus, it burns calories, right? I'm sure I burned about 5000 calories just sitting there laughing. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating about burning all those calories :P Or I'm just trying to convince myself that all I have to do is laugh in order to lose the pounds I've gained during the holidays :P Seriously, though, nothing beats laughing. I feel rejuvenated. I feel like a brand new Nataly. Art and I finally had some much needed "us" time :) We really need to start setting some time aside in our full schedules to dedicate time to each other. It's easy to forget that we not only owe our time to others, but we also owe time to each other. Tonight was a good start :)

I don't want to leave you without any images, so here you go:

Can you tell I'm in a silly mood?
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to log in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas/happy holiday!

Family, friends, love, good health, lots of food and a Lakers win! What more can I ask for? :)

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

As promised, here is a photo of the hot (colorful) mess that is our Chritsmas tree :P I still love it :)

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I know, I know...

I am still neglecting my blog :( I have been non-stop editing, I promise! That and shooting e-sessions, family sessions, and going to client meetings. I also prepared a few more sample albums, which took longer than expected. It's so worth it, though! I'll blog them as soon as I get them :)

It's been a very busy month, as you can see. I even had to do most of my Christmas shopping online. Unlike many people, I love to go into crowded shopping malls and wait in line to buy the perfect gift. I know...I'm weird!

One thing I did set some time aside for was decorating our Christmas tree. Last year Art chose the theme for our very first tree, which was red and gold. Nice. I really wanted a super colorful, over the top tree, though. I agreed to do the red and gold, but I told him that this year I was going to decorate the tree as colorful as possible. Mission accomplished. In fact, I think I went a little overboard :P I LOVE IT!!! lol Pictures coming soon, I promise!

I don't want to leave you without any images, so here are two teasers from an e-session I will be blogging soon:

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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Americana Engagement Session

Glendale, California
The Americana at Brand

Melissa and Miguel had the awesome idea of doing their e-session at the Americana. Art and I had never been there before so we were looking forward to a new location for an e-session.

We enjoyed finding perfect spots to get some great shots. We pretty much went all over the place when we were approached by security! They told us we needed a permit to shoot there and that we might not be able to get it. Thankfully we were pretty much done! :) We headed across the street and got a few more images and were good to go.

Melissa & Miguel: You guys are awesome! I enjoyed getting to know you both. You guys are so down to earth and sweet, You guys rock :)

Here are some of our faves:

We started off at the theater

These next two shots are really, really cute! As I was taking these shots a huge group of teenagers were passing by and whistling, clapping, and cheering Melissa and Miguel on! Miguel seemed to get a listtle self concious and Melissa just laughed it off :)

This is possibly my favorite e-session image ever!

Melissa said that they are always taking self portraits, so they wanted a photo of them doing just that. Now they'll have some awesome images that are not self-portraits :)

Since Melissa and Miguel's initials are M & M, they brought M&M's for their ring shot. I love the colors Melissa chose ;) They match my blog!

I am getting used to including action shots of either Art, me or both. What do you think, keep posting them?

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

What's up?

I hope everyone is enjoying the chilly weather! It really feels like December :)

I have been all over the place lately. Since I had to rest my ankle for a couple of days, I am playing catch-up now :/

I have some good news and some bad news and then some more good news :)

Good news: Thankfully, I feel a lot better! My ankle is back to normal.

Bad news: Remember my laptop? The one I told you broke down? Well, at first the computer guy told me it was fixable, but then I got a phone call saying it was not fixable :( So I had to go on the hunt for a new laptop.I was very indecisive between Apple or HP. My desktop that I use to edit wedding photos is an iMac, but I got used to editing blog images on my HP laptop. I ended up getting an Apple. Lets see how I like it, once I receive it. I should be getting it tomorrow or at the latest Tuesday!

Good news: I will be blogging an e-session tomorrow so be sure to check it out!

Since I don't really like to blog without posting an image, here is a teaser from today's e-session. A full post coming soon!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

I love, love, love wedding coordinators! They help make sure the day runs smoothly. They are on top of anything and everything that can possible go wrong. The best thing is that the bride and groom never even find out that something could have possibly gone wrong. That assures me some big smiles for the camera :)

One of my awesome 2009 brides, Carina, who happens to be an awesome wedding coordinator, just launched her new website. In honor of her new website she is hosting a contest in which she offers $400 off from one of her Day-of packages! Her packages start at $800, so you can possibly get a Day-of coordinator at $400! I say you go and check out her new website and blog!

I hope that one of my other brides wins this and I can have two NL brides in one wedding ;)

Good luck!

Tealight Wedding & Events - click here for contest

Click here for Carina's new website
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rancho Las Lomas Wedding

Rancho Las Lomas
Silverado, California

This is an awesome wedding to post as my last for the year! Morgan and Nick got married in a beautiful location surrounded by their awesome family and friends. Speaking about their friends and family, I have never seen such a big group that was so friendly with the camera! They all made my job eeeeeeeeeasy!

I edited a lot of photos for the blog for two reason, 1) Morgan and Nick waited for these teasers very patiently (thanks you guys!) 2) Morgan's dad told Art that during Morgan and Nick's rehearsal both sets of parents found out that they had something in common. What is that? Both of them did not get their photos from their wedding from their photographer. That sucks! So I just wanted them to see that photographers are nice :)

Here are favorite images from Morgan and Nick's wedding:

The beautiful bride :)

Morgan and Nick asked for this image because they saw a similar image as a sample

but we also wanted to put some of our style in it.

You guys know how sometimes I have a hard time choosing between color or b&w images, right? Well, here are a few I could not choose just color or just b&w

There's something really romantic about this one that I like

Party time!

Mother-Son dance

Morgan's Father-Daughter dance started off like most

but it quickly became the BEST father-daughter dance!!! Ever!

Now, I leave you with the party people that totally loved the camera :)

On another note, I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving Day. I actually sprained my ankle...AGAIN! I did get to enjoy Thanksgiving Day, though. Until I get a little better Art will be replying to some of the e-mails (sorry for the delay) and returning phone calls. What a sweet husband!

On ANOTHER note, my laptop (the one I use to edit my blog images) died :( Out of nowhere it did not turn on. So, if anyone knows of a good place to take it and try to revive it, e-mail me. I am severely attached to my laptop and although I could just get another one, I want this one :(

As soon as I feel better I will start a blog marathon, I promise :)
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