Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kat & Leo ~ Married!

Sportsmen's Lodge
Studio City, California

On Kat and Leo's wedding day I felt completely comfortable. I guess in part it was because I got to know them very well on their engagement session.

Just like on their engagement session, Leo looked at Kat adoringly throughout the whole day. He definitely only has eyes for her!

I'll tell you the story of their wedding day through some of my fave images.

Leo and Kat had a full Catholic mass

After church we headed off to the Sportsmen's Lodge. I got to capture these cool shots of Kat and Leo on the highway!

We made a quick stop to get some images before getting to the reception venue

Who could have done that to Leo?!

I had to sneak in one more photo of the cake. After all, Kat and Leo put a lot of time and effort into decorating it!

How did Leo repay Kat?

He serenaded her!

If you want to see some more wedding images from Kat and Leo's wedding click here.

If you want to see their engagement session click HERE.

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Ricki Ford said...

Nataly you just keep nailing it! I love the shof them in the car.
rock on!

AHS Photography said...

Those highway shots are killer!

Nataly Lemus said...

Thanks you guys! The highway images were quite a mission to get. We were going anywhere from 65-75 mph so it was somewhat difficult!

katy said...

Those first three shots from the mass are gorgeous... and the cake? Wow! Nice work Nataly!

david & kimi baxter said...

the mini!nice! i hope you were shotgun ;)

Crystal said...

Can I just say GORGEOUS!!!! I love how you did the sky with the different blues in the 1st shot. Love the little sports car shots too. Great stuff. Happy Thanksgiving.

Jenn said...

WOW NAT!!! I think these are some of my favorite shots from you! The pictures of the couple in the car driving, are really great and unique! : ) You're so talented!

Dawn Malone said...

Love the car shot! Awesome job!

Jeanette Sanchez said...

Nice work Nat! The car shots are awesome and so are the highway shots! You always have such sharp pics, kudos to you.

Nataly Lemus said...

I was definitely not driving when I took the highway images :P

gee gee said...

These are my favorite Nat! U have outdone yourself! That car shot is killer!

Rodolfo Arpia said...

Awesome stuff as usual!
Love the ones on the freeway!

lroah said...

It was great to meet you at Jasmine's lunch - keep in touch. Love the highway images!!

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