Thursday, October 4, 2007

Weddings and more weddings

For many reasons, Art was very excited to photograph this wedding with me since day one! For one, it was a wedding rich in culture. From the typical Mexican folkloric dresses the bridesmaids wore to the maracas given away as favors, it all reflected their heritage beautifully. Everything was colorfully spiced with traditions of Mexico.

I was also very excited to photograph this wedding. It amazes me how, although we are all Latinos, we still have different traditions. For example, the bride wore a “mantilla” as her veil, which is traditional in Mexico, but not so much in my parents country. They also had a mariachi and tamaboraso which I love, but my family would probably have a band that plays salsa (maybe not even that). Different, but the same! At the same time there are MANY things that are exactly the same such as the lasso, the coins, el baile del dolar, etc.

Here are some of my favorites from the day:

This is my favorite of them all. My favorite photo always has to do with the connection I make with the couple. It's more of a personal thing. At this moment it was time to hit the road and the excitement of the whole day had finally busted out.

Can you believe the bride's sister made these for them? Sooo cute!

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Anonymous said...

Nataly- My name is Joanna Schamp, you are photographing my wedding on October 27th. I love the photo above, in black and white with the bride and groom embracing with their foreheads touching...and the one below it. Your photos are always so beautiful!

Ricki Ford said...

Great job.. I love the detail shots,

AHS Photography said...

I think that is the cutest cake topper ever. And the baby shoes are adorable.!

sdohana said...

love the little guy in the poncho. your colors are incredible and the couple, so hot!

Jason Lanier said...


These are some great shots!!! The best one in my humble opinion is the one of the child in the adult's arms where you captured her little feet. This shot is so good I wish I took it!!!!

Jeanette Sanchez said...

These are such interesting detail shots and you captured them well. My fav is the boy in his outfit and the toddler sandals.
As usual your photos are so bright and colorful - I love it!

Yes, we need to shoot together soon!

Dawn Malone said...

These are so beautiful! It looks like it was a great wedding to photograph.
I hope we can get together soon.

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